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Revolutionary Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening is a revolutionary treatment that will change your life!
Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening is an intense treatment that softens, smoothes and most important gives you straighter hair. This is not a permanent straightening but a natural treatment. Therefore when the product is gone, your hair will be back to its natural form.


No Frizz

It will eliminate any frizz, unruly curls and waves without making it too flat like the Japanese Yuko System. The technique of the application is similar to the Yuko System in a way that the straightening irons are used to close the product into the hair cuticle, but it’s not as strong.


Chemical Solution

The product is a mild chemical solution enriched with keratin. Once applied the chemical sits on the cuticle, not penetrating into the cortex which allows the keratin to work at it’s best and condition, moisturise and reconstruct your hair, leaving it looking shiny, soft and more manageable.


Last up to three months

The application takes about two hours and will last up to three months. Each time you have the treatment it will last longer, also there is no re-growth to deal with as it gently washes out over time.


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